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  • ASP – Distinguished Lecture Series
    The ASP postdoc group in NCAR held an event called the Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) – inviting three speakers from different fields to share their research and career advice to postdoc fellows.
  • An “Atomic” New Year Resolution 
    Hello dear readers, Happy 2023! May all your troubles and worries be left behind in 2022 and enjoy a refreshing start in 2023. (I know it is a bit late of a new year greeting…) Should today’s post not fail to interest you – we are going to talk about the “new year resolution” – […]
  • Strange World is a good movie – in a metaphorical way
    “Spoiler alert”: This movie is about family reunion and reconciliation, living along with our environment, and finding our true nature, instead of being defined, or constrained by the legacy of our father’s generations.  Three generation The conflicts and reconciliations among the three generations of the Clade family build the core theme throughout the story.  The […]
  • Arirang & Beethoven No. 7
    A combination of an epic classical symphony by Beethoven and the Korean folk song “Arirang” – the mixture of both can clearly demonstrate music’s power to transcendent across borders, languages, races, and every other difference on earth, through which we – human beings – reach a harmonic unification.  I attended a free concert today by […]
  • What Motivates Me in An Academic Career?
    The famous quote from John Muir – The mountains are calling and I must go. A typical academic career path would be like this – after 4-6 (or longer) years of Ph.D. training, fresh grads get into postdocs, and transitional positions, until finally apply and obtain a faculty position and achieve tenure. A big surprise […]
  • A reader-friendly summary of the IPCC 2022 AR6 WGIII
    This week’s post is about the latest IPCC report AR6 WG III. Many people working in the environment sector may have complained about these long and fancy reports from IPCC. I totally agree with them – even scientists who work in the climate change field would struggle to understand (and explain) the definitions of some […]
  • Run with the Wind and I Like the Sound of It
    2022/08/27 – Today I am turning 28 (sounds like old errr) but running has kept me feeling young and passionate – that’s what today’s post is about (obviously). I want to reflect on my personal running journey and share some thoughts on this – maybe even better if this post can encourage you to go […]
  • Absurdities in Nature
    We are facing drastical ecological challenges as natural disasters at every level – locally, regionally and globally. Here, humans have encountered two absurd situations, is the nature so indifferent to our human beings when it shows its fierce and ruthless appearance or is the nature so overwhelmingly manipulated by us and we are simply having a “ taste of own medicine”. This post will examine a unique position – where do human stand in the “beloved” Mother Nature?
  • Fire of Love – finite human lifes pursuing infinite love
    (Spoiler Alert) This post contains review and discussion about the movie – Fire of Love – a documentary by the National Geographic. It is with greatest thrills and astonishes I am trying to write down my feeling and thoughts. This movie is consisted of thousands of first-handed, closely-recorded photos, videos, journals and interviews, revealing the […]
  • Deterministic or Chaotic – where do predictions land?
    We all love making predictions. From weather forecasts to financial markets, from astrology to psychology, we human beings are so fascinated, if not obsessed, with predicting things.  Some people (scientific realism) may believe that, through physical laws, mathetics equations, and computer models, we are able to make all predictions and understand previous thoughts of “unpredictable”. […]